How To Choose a Profitable Niche For Your Website

It is important to choose the right niche when setting up a website to market products with affiliate links. You should choose a niche according to the following criteria:
1. The niche should actually be something that is being searched for in google.
2. There should be little competition.
3. People should actually be buying products in this niche and there should be affiliate programmes available.

To choose the right niche, use a keyword tool such as the Google keyword planner. Go to adwords and type in a keyword for a niche you are interested in. This tool will give you the number of people who searched for it per month and also gives you related key words. It is best to create a page about each of the keywords on your website. The ideal niche should have no less than 1000 searches but no more than 50,000 searches, but preferably less than 15,000 searches, then it will not be too competitive. That way there will be less competition in google.

Pick low competition random and obscure niches. Don’t do what everyone else is doing as it will be too competitive. With less competition, it will be easier to rank in google for your key words.
If you do a search in google for your niche and there are hundreds of millions of results, the niche is too competitive, but if there are only one to two million results or less, this is a good sign. Practise looking at niches and look at results in google. Set up a niche where people actually buy stuff online.

You don’t know how well a niche will do until you actually try it, so pick your own obscure niche and keep quiet about it.