How to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer.

As an affiliate marketer, you get paid a commission for selling other people’s products. To become an affiliate marketer you simply sign up for an affiliate programme. For example, you can sign up on Amazon as an affiliate and you will be given an affiliate link. If you have a Facebook fan page all about good books on Amazon and a best seller is released, you can send out a post on Facebook to all your fans announcing this with an affiliate link to the book on Amazon and if someone clicks on this link and goes to Amazon and buys a product on Amazon, you get paid a commission even if they don’t buy that particular product that you told them about. The important thing is that they clicked on your affiliate link to go to Amazon before buying a product on Amazon. With Amazon you get four to ten per cent commission. Amazon deposits all your earnings into your bank account.

The best way to get people to click on your affiliate link is by building simple websites that promote niches that not many people are targeting but niches that people are searching for. For example, mentalism, as described by Jay Wessman in one of his YouTube videos. Hardly anyone was targeting mentalism when this video was produced so the competition was low and it was easy to get good ranking on Google. Don’t copy a niche that has been revealed in public. This method can probably generate a few hundred dollars per month. If someone knows about a niche that is generating huge amounts of money, they don’t generally reveal it in public.