Build own smartphone apps without any investment and make money online.


We write this post for which one wants to make some money from home. We’ve searched for many new articles and genuine ways to generate home income easily. Create own android or IOS application using various free application creating platforms. Please read the full post to understand in a better way and Adobe monetization tips to make more money from home.

Create a unique application.

First of all, preferred a niche. It’s very challenging to select the best niche, because of the competitive world. Our tips can help you to select the best niche and build strong relation between users. Before we describe the best niches, you must have to know free app creating tools.

  1. Appypie      
  2. Andromo
  3. Mobiroller
  4. Appsgeyser
  5. Appyet
  6. Ibuildapp
  7. Appsbar
  8. Appyourself
  9. Thunkable
  10. Xojo

All of the free application building tools are free and subscriptions based. If you using free service then you cannot remove the branding of the company. Few free tools distribute earning shares through monetization. We recommend trying for free after 1K downloads start subscription service plan according to your choice.

Connect your application to a monetization service.


Admobe is the most simplified app monetizing service by Google. This provides native ads and auto ads format. Admobe maximize monetization and high fill rates because most of the advertiser ads their businesses at Google ads (formally Google adword ) high CPC rates. Admobe start filling ads at zero downloads. Let’s sign up in Admobe follow instructions to generate ad code and past in your application. Once you reached the minimum threshold $100 then you will be paid through wire transfer to direct in your local bank account. The payment cycle runs monthly 21st of every month.  


Adcolony is also a good way to monetize your application to earn revenue by giving some space for their ads. This provides native and video ads. Adcolony approval is some difficulty. You can also try another app monetization service. Most of application building tools provider also runs home monetization service and paying good amount for collaboration monetization with them.

Publish your application on Play Store.

Once you finish building an application using online free tools, don’t forget to test that it works evenly or not. You can share an application download link to your friends when you have not published your application on any app store, but no more people will trust or download if your application is not on any app store. You can publish on Google Play Store, Apple Store, Amazon App Store.

We suggest publishing on Google play store because android is #1 largest OS provider in the world.


Signup for Google play console. Its chargeable service Google charges $25 for lifetime unlimited app publishing service on Google play store. Complete the signup process and start uploading your prebuilded application APK. Be sure you force to follow Google play console conventional terms of service. Select your application category; upload custom application icon and overview images. Write app descriptions; choose the country where your application will be available for download. And the last thing you can choose that your application will be free or you want to charge some downloading, it’s most important if you once select free and publish your application, after then you can’t change it paid. But if you select paid you are able to change it for paid and set an amount which you want to charge from a user.

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