How to make $100 per day with a free website

You can use a free Wix website to generate $100 per day. To create a free Wix website, just go to and follow the instructions. You can make money as an affiliate marketer on your website. There are thousands of affiliate programs on the internet. You can upload an image of a product you are promoting, and write a review for this product. When someone clicks on the affiliate link to get the product, they are taken to the product on the website where they can buy it, and you are paid a commission each time someone buys the product after clicking the link. Build up the number of products you are promoting and $100 per day and more can be achieved.
Using a Wix website to promote products should not be your main income stream but can be used in addition to other methods of generating income. With a free website like Wix, you are not fully in control. It is best to have this method in addition to a WordPress website with a website hosting service. With a wordpress website, the sky’s the limit. You can make money as an affiliate on ClickBank by promoting ClickBank products.
With ClickBank, you choose the products you would like to promote and when someone buys the product after clicking on your affiliate link, you are paid a commission. Commissions are usually fifty to seventy percent on ClickBank.
Promoting products on ClickBank is one of the best methods of generating an income online because you have no stock to deal with as most ClickBank products are digital information products. You can promote your own product or other people’s products. It is easier to promote other people’s products as you don’t have to deal with any customer service issues.