Eligible Criteria

Do you eligible for program ?
  • Facebook account - Minimum 100+ Friends
  • Twitter account - Minimum 20+ Followers

Be sure, you are meeting with program criteria. Because you have to provide all details at meantime of registration. Get pro membership now.

remain your earnings

You ''ll get
  • Daily new 40 tasks
  • Earn ₹ 30 per task
  • Daily withdrawal
  • Dedicated support 24x7 ( Live chat )
Do, to get paid
  • Post 25 ad text on Facebook
  • Post 15 ad text on Twitter
  • Tag smartwork in every post
  • Update payments details, Once your account approved.


Before starting work let's know about what is posting on social media work. We deliver you the project that we receive through our clients, and you have to copy the project to the text and post it on social media. All these projects are related to the service and product, which is aimed at reaching new information only to people through social media. Some projects are also associated with the purchase sale as if any of our clients wants to sell something or any personal item, home purchase sales etc.In this kind of employment, you can earn some money by doing easy work without any higher knowledge, this has happened due to the reach of more people in social media today.

Sample Work

See social media posting page template both Facebook and Twitter. This is sample paragraph of work, which you can modify accordingly instructions 

Write title here

Tag your friends & smartwork


Copy project text and past here correctly 


Write title here


Copy project text with shorten URL and past here correctly 


Things to know

As per our program terms. We ”ll update new projects on daily basis, but sometimes it may be increase or may be decrease. 

By the way, you can complete your work any time in 24 hours, whenever you have the time to complete your tasks. Our suggestion, complete before last hour due to heavy rush on server.