TikTok Sponsorship Program

The smart work has tie-up with many sponsorship companies. We welcome TikTok users to join the sponsorship program to earn money on TikTok by smart work. A large number of companies, agencies run sponsorship campaigns program to spread their message or promotions to viewers and invest the maximum amount of budget. You will be part of our sponsorship program by applying this form and can earn ₹4.0/- for each like on your video.


Below we have described the procedure of sponsorship working program.

Join Sponsorship

Apply form to join the TikTok sponsorship program. Download app to start working. We appoint a personal manager to manage your account. Always comply with program policy.

Make Video on Hashtag

Make video on sponsors hashtag and post on TikTok. Copy video link and send to your personal account manager to approve your video.

Get Direct Payment

Get weekly payment on every Saturday. Minimum threshold ₹500/-. Receive all payments direct in your bank account. Zero transaction charges.


You need minimum requirement to eligible with sponsorship program. Read & understand.

Am I Eligible ?

  • Regular TikTok account.
  • 100+ TikTok Followers.
  • Valid Government ID proof ( Pan Card / Aadhar Card )
  • Personal Bank Account.
  • Gmail Account.

Frequently asked questions

This sponsorship is for TikTok creators. We encourage TikTok creators to join this program and stable an earning source for a long time with the sponsorship program. Make TikTok video on hashtag and make money easily.

By sponsorship program, a creator can make lots of money. It all depends on your followers and your channel’s popularity. You will be paid ₹4 for each like on your video.

After successful form submission and completing all processes, we will send you the app download link to your email address.