Boost your success by starting a copy-paste job today.

Are you searching for a real part-time online job? If yes, you are on the right platform. We offer a real online copy-paste job. In this assignment, your job is very simple just copy the content project and paste. Many people are working with us. Base salary up to Rs.36,000/- PM.


  • Paperless Applying procedure for a job.
  • Work at home in your spare time.
  • Instant Account activation.
  • You will be paid up to Rs.20/- for every valid content posted.
Job Description :
  • Job Position : Online Copy-Paste Job.
  • Job Type : Online ( Part-Time/Full Time)
  • Job Location : Home-Based ( Allover India)

Job Overview : The smart work universal is India’s most comprehensive employment agency, which hires individuals for online assignments. We are hiring you for a present online copy paste assignment. In this online assignment, you can start working as a coworker. We accept online job posts from our clients, and you have to publish their job posts on classified websites.

How it works :

Here in copy paste assignment, we will provide you the copy-paste content. Your job is to post those content on client preferred site. We have described the working procedure below in a better way.

  • You will get 60 copy paste content projects daily.
  • Search classified website in Google.
  • Navigate to post new ads page in classified website.
  • Paste your task content in the blank box and publish it.
  • Publish all 60 content projects one by one without any mistake.
  • Submit work report daily after task completion.
Job Responsibilities And Duties :

Here we have detailed some requirements for those who apply for online copy paste jobs. The person employing for this job necessity be subject to all the criteria.

  • Willingness to work in the copy-paste job.
  • Must have good English language knowledge.
  • Basic internet knowledge.
  • Applicant must 16 years old.
  • Applicant must have passed minimum higher secondary.
  • Flexible time up to 4-5 hours.
  • Applicant must have any Government issued Identity card.
Key Features :

Online based jobs give you freedom and flexibility to work in your environment and stay with your family. The prospective candidate will get amazing features at copy paste job positions.

  • Daily content project up to 60.
  • No need any previous job experience and any type skills.
  • Work when your are free in a day.
  • Work from your PC/Laptop or from your smartphone.
  • Complete task within 4-5 hours per day.
  • Check your A/C balance and task in member dashboard instantly.
  • Update your personal details and payment option anytime.
  • Get paid daily by Paytm Wallet, Google-pay and PayPal.
  • 24×7 dedicated email support by our expert team.


Is there any work limitation?

Yes, You will get limited work up to 60 content projects daily. Sometimes it may be reduced according to work availability.

How many days will I get work?

We provide 30 days' work in a calendar month. You can work on holidays and get paid continuously on our platform.

Which type of content I have to publish on classified sites?

We get job posts recruiting projects from our clients. Your job is to post them on classified websites. Search on Google for a classified website and post the content project on them.

When can I receive my payouts?

Once your A/C balance reaches a minimum Rs. 500/- then you can request for payout. We will initiate a payout in your primary payment method.

How does long it take to complete the task?

Most of the task will complete within 2-3 minutes. We advise you to perform your job before the last hour.

Do I need to generate a sale or visitant to get paid?

No, even you no need to think that your posted content is generating sales or coming visitant on the post. You will still be paid for the content you posted.

Which payment method is decent to receive payout instantly?

If you want to receive payout instantly please choose the Paytm wallet or Google pay method. PayPal takes up to 24 hours to reflect the amount in the account.