About us

Smartonlinework.com is a subsidiary of Smart Work Universal Private Limited. It’s an online-offline advertising and employment agency registered under ISO 9001-2015 by the government of India. Corporate office allocated in Tuticorin Tamil Nadu India. We are serving projects for the last 4 years in the advertising business. As per our initial work, we encourage our clients at a high level to achieve their purposes. We accept online-offline advertisement projects from our clients and promote their projects on the online platform. Smartonlinework is our online employment service portal which is developed by Smart Work Universal Private Limited. Our team has developed an imperative program in which we can hire an individual to work on the projects. Join our program and work to earn money by online copy paste work.


We explain to you our business module in a simplistic way. We charge a 100% amount of any project from clients. We 72% paid to a regular working member, 18% deduct in GST as per rule regulation by the government, We charge a 07% company commission and rest 03% reserved for maintenance of the server.

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New program update

Our developers are always incessantly to design a unique and reliable platform, where professions would easy and member friendly. So please be connected to get notified regarding the new program on the smart work platform.

Online free courses

We organise online free courses for our primary level member to enlighten him. Subscribe our online courses to teach more about the program and many more. You can also read online training E-book.

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