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Advantage of the smart work job portal

We make simple to urge a web job. Smart work produces high-quality employment for all kinds of job seekers. We have the proper dedication team, which recommends you a suited job to your profile, and consistent with your expertise. We have a good network of freelancers and employers. Apply for a copy-paste job now, and luxuriate in working with India’s largest job site.

Estimated Revenue

  • $0.20 for each copy paste.
  • Daily 100 copy paste task ( 100x$0.20= $20 every day)
  • You will get earnings in your local currency. ( Currency exchange charges will be apply)

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When my account will be fully approved to start working?

Fill the application form and complete all joining process. Within a few hours, our specialist will verify your details and approve your account to start working.

Why delay in account setup?

Sometimes the account setup will be delay due to server maintenance or holiday. Please wait till confirmation email and do not apply for another joining application.

Which payment method I get my payments?

We use three payment methods to transfer income to our workers. You can prefer us bank withdrawal, PayPal, or Paytm wallet to receive all of your income. Transaction charges will be applied if any applicable.

Can I rent my account to another person?

No, selling or renting your account to another person is prohibited. Once your account disabled can not reinstate in the future.