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Welcome to the job application page. Do you want to start a part-time copy-paste job? Let’s proceed ahead and fill out the application form by giving your primary details. Submit the application form to start this job with us. Application in the smart work copy-paste job assignment is a completely online process. We advise you to please read all service terms and job descriptions before applying to the smart work portal. We ensure your presence in our program to start the copy-paste job. We are 100% authentic job provider in India and offering a legit job. Get a digital call letter in few moments and eligible for a copy-paste job assignment.

  • Job Position : Online Copy-Paste Job.
  • Job Type : Part-Time/Full-Time.
  • Job Location : Home-Based.
  • Base Salary : Rs.36,000/-PM

Working with us is more beneficial than another part-time job. Here you are fully independent to work according to your schedule. To be a pro-worker you will be asked to pay a small amount for account maintenance. We never charge any extra charges to your A/C balance.

  • Your full name and last 4 digits of your mobile number should be your USER ID. ( For example: if your name is AKASH KUMAR and your mobile number 96xxxx4526. then your user-id should be AKASHKUMAR4526 )
  • Your mobile number should be your temporary password.
  • Please change your password at first -time login within 48 hours.
  • Please provide the correct communication address in the application form.
  • Don’t forget to send a payment receipt to the provided e-mail.

Be assured! you are must adhere according to our program policy. Before proceeding application form, please read our program policy. Smart Work gives you this golden opportunity to apply this job and work from home.


If you are not satisfied with our program, you can not understand program policy, you disagreed with terms of service. You can easily cancel your account within 30 days of registration and get a 100% remaining balance. The balance amount will be credit to your account within 3-4 days.

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