Latest online small business ideas in India 2020 with minimum investment

Latest online small business ideas in India 2020 with minimum investment

Earn Money

Friends, everyone wants to earn money by doing something different. Our post is about new small-scale business ideas. We hope you find it interesting and useful. Read the entire post and choose the right idea that fits you. Friends small business, you can start with very little money. Small businesses are also less likely to suffer losses. You can also do this type of business from your home.

Business Costs: Friends, small and medium-class businesses, you can reduce good profits by starting less capital. The total cost of the business can be around 10,000 thousand to 50,000 thousand.

Required: First of all, you should have a computer and internet facility, and at the same time your bank account should also be available, through which you will get your earnings.

Opportunity: Friends, by starting your business from a small level, you will learn a lot and understand how to run a business, how much hard work you should do, etc. When your business starts running well, then you will easily get investors to invest more in the business.

So let’s know about those 10 small businesses that you can start and overcome your unemployment. You can do this business sitting at home, and you can earn well. You get freedom from many kinds of mess in your business. You do not have a boss here, the more you work, the more you earn. Read this post in full and learn in detail.

Online Merchandise Business 

Yes, friends, the online merchandise business is spreading very fast in our country India. In the merchandise business, any material has to be bought directly from any producer and sold directly through them. To start this business, you must first partner with the producer company, whichever product of the company you want to sell through you. You can start this business initially even with 10,000 thousand. Then, when you understand the disadvantages of loss, then put more capital into this business. When you buy the product directly from a company, you will get the product at a cheaper rate, and you can sell the same product at your own rate. To start this business, you can also take the help of online eCommerce websites to sell your product. Such as Amazon reseller, Flip kart reseller, eBay reseller, etc., or you can make your own website and sell the product by listing it. In this business, you can make a profit on a product from 8% to 25%.

Become Surprise Planner 

Surprise plans for others and earns lots of money. Make a nice surprise plan for people on the occasion of marriage, birthday. People nowadays spend lakhs of rupees on such an occasion. You can do this business at your local place or if you want to do it online. Make a good website for online surprise pummeling and list it on Google my business, so that when someone searches Google for a surprise planner, then they will see your details.

Pizza Delivery 

Make Tasty Pizza at your home and take it to deliver. If you live in a town or village, then this business will be very beneficial for you. Because there is no pizza shop in towns or villages. This business is also beneficial because there is no need to tell people about pizza, what is this product. Everyone is public about this, so you will not have any difficulty in selling your product. The business has profits ranging from 25% to 40%. List your business on Google my business, as well as create a website where online people can order your pizza.

Design Custom T-shirts 

Make and sell your design T-Shirts. You do not need to buy any equipment to make T-shirts for your design, because you will find many such websites online where you can create the design of your choice for free. You can get the design of your choice and get it delivered to your house at a very low cost. If you want, you can make it your business. Before getting the design of your choice printed at your home, take an order on the design made on your website and get it printed and sent directly to the customer. Do this business in a professional manner and sell it to the customer at a cheap price. In this business, you can earn from 12% to 20%.

Tax Consultant

The tax consultant business in India has expanded rapidly since 2017. You can do tax return filling / GST return filling online from home. You can also do this work online and offline. You will easily get tax-filing software in about 7-8 thousand for a year. Using this you can earn 30 – 40 thousand rupees a month.