Monetize your website with the right monetization tool

Monetize your website with the right monetization tool

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Everyone has an intention behind building a website or blog. Most of the creators are aggressive to make some benefits by website or blog. But all of the creators did not find the right way to monetize their content by the right monetization tool. We have pinned a few points to monetize your content with perfect tools. To think about the content monetization tool, the first name that comes to mind is Google AdSense. Wait please Google AdSense does not fit with all types of content. No one can be denied that Google AdSense is the best and the top in the monetization market. But not for all types of content.

So let’s know more about monetization tools which will be the most beneficial tool for your content. We have considered some different types of content monetizing tools in this article. Read this article to the end and follow all guidelines.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a popular tool to make money online through your content by giving space on your website or blogs. But AdSense policy is so difficult to follow all the time. Getting your website approved by Google is also very tuff. Google runs many types of checks before the approval of any website. Otherwise, AdSense is paying the highest in the advertising market to its publisher. AdSense is CPC and CPM-based advertising network. You can earn money on CPC (cost per click) CPM (cost per thousand impressions). AdSense monetizes custom search, informative content, video content, and gaming content. AdSense threshold is $100 and the payment cycle runs monthly in the last 3rd to 4th week. is the second-largest contextual ad network powered by Yahoo and Bing. It is one of the largest in contextual ad networking tools. It allows a publisher to monetize your content with contextual ads and take advantage to maximize ad revenue. But the disadvantage of this ad network is that you require US-based traffic to get approval by If your majority of traffic comes from the US, UK, Canada, etc. then you can apply for Media.Net. You may receive payment monthly of at least $100. Earnings will be deposited by Pioneer and Wire transfer to your local bank account.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon’s native shopping ads are similar to AdSense and other native ad networking tools. Just paste ad code on your website or blog and relax. Amazon will scan your full content and start showing shopping ads related to your content and your keywords. In terms of revenue income, you will not pay until any success purchasing. Your earnings depend on the successful sale of any item. If anyone clicks on native shopping ads which are showing on your site and purchase the item, then you will get a commission of 4-8%.  The commission depends on product value.

Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits continuously growing day by day. Because of easy integration and the minimum requirement for the publisher. Instant account setup with ease. Revenue hits drive many types of ads, Display Ads, Banner Ads, Interstitial Ads, Button Ads, Footer Ads, etc. Create ads by device and implement them on-site. Put your content to generate revenue for you.


It’s a push notification-based ad networking tool. Enable your website with push notifications and make money when someone subscribes through your website. When a visitor subscribes for notifications. Clickaduads push notification to the visitor screen. If visitors open a notification to go to the advertiser home page then you will be paid. Push notification is the potential type of ad to increase revenue from a website.


Put your website to making money without any restriction and instantly. Go for Yllix. Yllix is an advantageous ad network wherever a publisher can monetize any type of content. Yllix offers instant account approval, a 100% fill rate, various ads type, with daily pay-out options. Yllix is serving on both desktop and mobile devices in many types of ads.


Adbuff is the best alternative to AdSense monetizing network. Adbuff is an exceptional choice for the publisher who has enough traffic on their website. Revenue generate based on CPC and CPM. Fare rates and 100%of fill rate. A publisher can receive 90% advertising revenue. Making money online as likely AdSense by CPC and CPM, most of the publishers recommend Adbuff. But you have to pass the required criteria that you need a minimum of 2000 daily unique visitors on your website. The majority of website traffic is from the US, UK, Canada. Adbuff serves eCommerce native ads.


Skimlinks automates your content into affiliate links. If your website is e-commerce, gadgets related and you are promoting or reviewing any product. Skimlinks will help you to create an affiliation with thousands of online Merchant. Revenue stream on a sales basis up to 25% commission. It doesn’t mean that Skimlinks only works for commerce sites, it’s available for all types of publishers. You can also partner with the VIP merchant that special scheme for Skimlinks publishers.


The PopCash is a pop-under-type advertising network. This enables the publisher to monetize your website with PopCash. Earn extra revenue with a pop-under advertisement. PopCash takes 12 hours to review any website that compliance with PopCash or not. Once your website is approved, implement an ad come on the website and start making money over your content. PopCash has a daily pay-out option with a minimum threshold of $10. It enables advertising on CPM-based and 80% of revenue share.

Pop Ads

PopAds is known as pop-ups, video ads, and pop-under ad network. PopAds claim that the highest paying in the advertising market. Monetize your website and prefer the biding amount for every advertisement. You can request for withdrawal of your PopAds earning amount anytime and receive a pay-out in a PayPal or Pay Alert account within 24 hours. We hope you might find these alternative ways to make money online through your website and blog. Not only are these ways to make money, but various similar monetization tools are also available to monetize your content by giving them advertising space. Be sure to write always informative content on your website or blogs.